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Warsaw, Ohio, located in the picturesque Walhonding Valley of western Coshocton County, is a unique blend of small town warmth and values. Proud of our past and a progressive attitude towards the future.

The Village of Warsaw was founded in 1834 and by present status is a statutory village under the Ohio Revised Code.


The Founding of Warsaw, Ohio

            In 1800, President John Adams granted 4,000 acres in the Walhonding Valley to William Simmons for his service to the United States of America as a Colonel during the Revolution, and for being one of five men appointed by President George Washington to run the first United States Treasury.

            William Simmons’ daughter, Josephine, married William Carhart.  He was a General during the War of 1812 and instrumental in the organization of the Ohio militia. They chose Coshocton County for their first home, building what was considered the first structure at the present-day site of Warsaw.

In November 1834, William Carhart founded Warsaw by platting 32 lots on his homestead, a portion of the original Simmons land grant.

            Meanwhile, in Poland, a group of young non-commissioned officers at the military academy rallied the citizens in a November revolt against the arbitrary rule of Russia.  Although that struggle for freedom was not achieved for another 85 years … it gave rise to the naming of Warsaw, Coshocton County, Ohio, in honor of the Polish capital.



Warsaw, OH

Warsaw, OH